Although produced to meet a regulatory function, Annual Reports are quite often viewed as ‘marketing documents’ although they lack specific focus in that aim and are generally not read fully. Additionally, as space is limited, messaging tends to be purely internally focused and related mostly to financial achievements. It is usual for a listed company to report on its activities through the medium of an Annual Report.

However, for BMMI, we took a different route. Instead of being constrained by the limitations of an annual report, with its requirements for financial reporting, corporate governance and more, we created a dynamic magazine, showcasing the events of the year. We wrote compelling narrative - reporting on the company's activities but discussing issues within a macro / global relevance, making for a more interesting read and putting the efforts of BMMI, across the continents it operates within, in context to the 'bigger picture' of world affairs.

The Review is a cross between a magazine / newsletter and a corporate profile. However, it is far more than a newsletter because it is written in-depth through research and interview of key senior stakeholders on a macro basis, discussing external factors across the world or regional stage that influence decisions made and thus presenting news about BMMI against a background of external factors.