When we first started working with BMMI, the various business divisions within the group employed widely differing motifs, logotypes and colours. Each had approached communications individually for some time, and the quality of Group branding was therefore compromised.

Vision conducted a branding and communication audit for BMMI and then rationalised the company’s several business brands to conform to one consistent graphic delivery structure.

Vision applied that structure across all forms of communication, developing collateral grid systems, typography, colour palettes and also properly defining the Group’s positioning and brand value statements. We then created a brand manual for the Group and each of its subsidiary companies, to ensure future brand consistency, and continue to monitor the Group’s existing brands and work with BMMI developing new brands as it expands its operations across the Gulf region.

Recently, in tandem with BMMI’s expansion into African markets, we refined the master brand, consolidated it’s architecture system and redeveloped BMMI’s retail brands to create a more seamless interaction between group components. This work has been conducted at a predominantly corporate level, but also encompasses the rebranding of Alosra, BMMI’s supermarket operations and a new brand for GSS, the Group’s african entity.

We continue to create all collateral for the BMMI Group at both a corporate and a retail level, producing annual and half-year reports; corporate documentation, exhibition design and a wide range of promotional material.