With the country going through an economic renaissance, competition among banks in Ghana is fierce. Overseas investment combined with a dramatic growth in oil revenues has seen a positive financial outlook and Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) wanted to capitalise on new opportunity.

As a 60-year old bank and with government-bank roots, GCB recognised that they needed to change how they presented themselves to customers, partners and the wider international market, to ensure continued growth. The bank embarked on an ambitious program of change, which included every aspect of their visual and verbal identity, right through to the re-design of their branch network throughout Ghana.

Working with our associates, LOM Architects in London, Vision Gulf completed an internal and comparative audit and then set to work on a series of detailed workstreams which addressed all aspects of rebuilding the brand. We created a new brand strategy, designed a new brandmark and delivered a comprehensive set of brand systems which included everything from identity guidelines, branch branding, digital and print advertising to credit cards and cufflinks! In addition, we developed a brand understanding programme for staff, to ensure that all participants fully project the new bank and its values.