Launched in 1979, Gulf International Bank (GIB) has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. With its head office in Bahrain and branches across Saudi Arabia along with London, New York and Abu Dhabi, the bank has proved itself as a pivotal institution in wholesale and investment banking services for decades. Its recent launch of cutting edge, technology-based retail banking has seen the bank transform to embrace a new, digital age. Many such initiatives have now culminated in a brand refresh and a new positioning to embrace future endeavour.

To know the past is to embrace the future, as they say and so, GIB commissioned Vision to create a case bound book, containing hitherto unpublished images of a bygone era, as a celebration of regional history and as a commitment to the years ahead.

We researched and created a catalogue of images spanning over four decades of growth, featuring royalty and dignitaries of past years, bearing witness to the changing times that have led to the present day. Along the journey, key milestones of GIB are interwoven with selected, precious moments of time to create a compelling - and lasting - commemorative gift for GIB's corporate celebrations. One that transcends the ordinary. A collector's edition that will assume pride of place as a valued, historical snapshot of time.