An extremely important operation for ensuring the on-going safety of marine operations in the region, MENAS (Middle East Navigation Aids Service) owns and maintains an extensive network of buoys, lighthouses and DGPS transmitters, relied upon by over 2,000 vessels traversing the waters of the Arabian Gulf each month.

Vision has worked with MENAS for many years, producing a corporate profile, event invitations and other print requirements, as well as conducting photo-shoots both on and off the water. As a vital tool for mariners, we also created - and subsequently updated - the MENAS website, providing important regular updates for mariners, an interactive region map, background information on aids to navigation and historical information about MENAS.

As part of an internal reorganisation, we also created an identity for a new MENAS parent entity in London, International Foundation for Aids to Navigation (IFAN), along with full stationery set and website for the organisation, outlining its role and capabilities. In addition to navigational aids, IFAN also leases out a multi-purpose ship, the 3,526 tonne OSV Relume for a variety of activities. In addition to creating printed material about the ship, we conducted a photoshoot on board, plus production of 25 VRs showing 360 degree views of all levels and facilities for prospective clients. Today the ship is rarely out of commission.