A six-month labour of love saw us create a fascinating coffee table book showcasing the wonders of Bahrain’s rich heritage in wedding jewellery, gold and pearls. We propped and set up over 500 images, designed the book, wrote some sections and translated Arabic poetry.

The project saw us in the basement of Bahrain’s National Museum, photographing 5000 year old Dilmun era gold artifacts; in Dhow building yards photographing pearls and deep in the desert with the late Amir, Shaikh Isa bin Hamad Al Khalifa’s prized racing camels. Scouring the Souq looking for antiques with which to prop the still life set ups, we became familiar with the very heart of Bahrain’s traditions.

The book was produced in English and Arabic as a dual language publication and impaginated at printing to create two versions - one flowing internationally from left to right and the other as Arabic flowing right to left. Our client was the then Bahrain Promotions and Marketing Board (Now EDB) and the Ministry of Commerce.