With a network of some 28 branches spanning Iraq, Bank of Baghdad wanted to capitalise on future opportunity in pace with the rebuilding of the country. Brand programmes, branch refurbishment initiatives and tactical advertising campaigns were undertaken by Vision in response.

A comprehensive design development programme was undertaken in a compressed timeline of nine weeks. As the bank had little by way of communication media, Vision created a range of core banking collateral covering capability brochures, posters, displays and advertising campaigns.

Bank of Baghdad had no brand support systems, so we created an identity guideline document covering all aspects of brand support in multi-language application. Ethnic diversity in Iraq requires the inclusion of Kurdish language display and wayfinding systems for the north of the country and these were duly incorporated.

As an integral part of the brand support systems, Vision created an Environmental Design Guide in order to enable consistent application of the brand to the bank’s environments and to facilitate a branch refurbishment programme that commenced in Erbil. The guide covers all applications such as merchandising, point of sale and signage, furnishings and componentry, including a custom-designed entranceway security system. Pivotal to this unique requirement, we advised on the operational security procedures of the bank and developed a system for front-desk protocol that involved the creation of a welcome desk to conceal, and yet retain rapid access to ‘security equipment’.

Vision also supported the bank with ongoing corporate literature and retail banking advertising campaigns, conducted in English, Arabic and Kurdish languages.