Translating the core values of a new ‘brighter banking’ strategy to design, Vision developed a series of graphic progressions resulting in a contemporary new brandmark for the bank, representative of two inter-connecting stars with a unique letterform for the acronym by which the bank is known.

We created a comprehensive identity system, with a full suite of brand support elements, applied to signage systems, merchandising units and marketing collateral. In addition we refined the bank’s overly-complex sub-brand family to present a unified and concise brand delivery system.

Working in collaboration with our associates, LOM Architects in London, Vision then applied the core values of the brand to communication touch-points within branches and assisted with the internal and external branding of the bank’s new ‘Financial Mall’ retail network initiative, where the bank’s traditional and extensive branch network was replaced with efficient multi-service centre ‘Financial Mall’ branch models located at key strategic locations - a radical departure from ‘banking tradition’ and a first for Bahrain.