A new integrated healthcare centre is being established by two of our clients - Back on the Move and Physio Relief. The new centre focuses on integrating different healthcare practices together such as Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Therapeutic Massage and many other types of healing, to create a truly integrated healthcare facility. The centre is structured to provide rehabilitation from sports injury or workplace strain.

This is a lifestyle business that needs a health and lifestyle image, so we invented its name and designed a brand that rises well above 'just another business entity'. It resonates through use of language and through its ability to appear in different interpretations across merchandise and casual apparel. Not just a brand but a fashion icon that embraces life, health and vitality.

The brand takes form across a variety of touch-points and changes according to need. It uses a defined structure through the use of the directive, 'Be' and adds language, patterns, backgrounds and colour as the need arises. It is embryonic and adaptive, linking to mood and changing its form according to subjective requirements.

Free of constraint and celebrating diversity.