How do you advertise drinks in a country where you can’t promote alcohol? Vision created the answer featuring quirky stereotypes of the country of origin! The ads don’t promote alcohol directly and therefore don’t offend, using humour and a touch of irreverence.

Although Bahrain is the most liberal of all GCC states, the subject of alcohol retailing is a highly sensitive issue. Retail stores are allowed no external signage and advertising is virtually impossible. Stores are strictly controlled with only one allowed to each of four importers. Due to these factors Vision developed a comprehensive e-commerce site to significantly boost online sales and a home delivery system backs this up with free delivery ‘to your door’. Since launch the site has generated significant additional revenue and the home delivery fleet is set to grow.

We also support BMMI Shops by creating on-trade catalogues and wholesale price lists together with in-store promotion and sponsorship of private clubs, within which alcohol can be promoted.