First Leasing Bank was established to facilitate a growing demand for lease-based financing of heavy plant and equipment, a new concept to Bahrain. Vision branded the bank and developed various collateral to educate business as to the lease concept and promote the bank’s services.

As the bank partnered with leasing specialists in the US, the brand was developed to impart a global reach with a segment depicting the niche instruments utilised in leasing transactions.

Research demonstrated that the majority of potential clients viewed leasing only in terms of vehicle fleets, rather than being a solid financial instrument for industrial plant and equipment, the first rounds of collateral were designed to impart a feel of ‘industrial’ rather than ‘financial’. Once the bank became better established, collateral was re-designed to reflect a greater confidence and impart an image more in keeping with a financial institution.

Wholly owned by Ithmaar Investment Bank, First Leasing Bank was later merged into Ithmaar’s operations as an integrated, Ithmaar branded division.