FCC realised that the various parts of their business were communicating without any verbal or visual unity. An extensive audit was completed by Vision which provided the tools to establish the name, the strategy and visual identity for a new brand.

The audit provided essential information about the way in which FCC communicates with customers, partners and stakeholders. It was clear that all parts of the business needed to start speaking as one. It also emerged that there were too many colours, typefaces, logos, sub-brands and images in use.

A strategy was formed which provided the cornerstone for the new brand. Essence, proposition, positioning, values and tone of voice were established and a new, dynamic visual identity was then created which included a new brandmark, brand architecture, colours and imagery. This work culminated in a comprehensive brand identity manual which sets the rules for all FCC brand channels, such as printed communications, vehicle livery, packaging, stationery, forms, digital media and website.

A primary aspect of the project was to apply the new visual identity within FCC retail stores. The previous stores were cluttered, with mixed messaging and an array of accessories, making it difficult for customers to find what they were looking for. All stages of the customer journey were considered, with an emphasis on making it easy to purchase a mobile device. To achieve this, a new way of merchandising was introduced whereby products are allocated to function groups related to post-purchase activity, rather than being showcased purely by technology.

In-store wayfinding systems were designed to successfully guide customers to their specific area of interest. Vibrant colours from the palette were used together with striking imagery to provide an engaging, modern retail environment – for both techno-geeks and absolute beginners.