In 2013, GIB reported an enviable financial performance and this coupled with the launch of a unique digital retail banking concept offering a totally new way of banking. It was our task to reflect this innovation in the theme of the Annual Report.

Vision met with the senior members of GIB to gain a full understanding of the new retail bank and to provide our knowledge and input. While promoting the new bank, we also had to be mindful that GIB is also a successful investment bank in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and thus the annual report had several inherent responsibilities.

Having developed the theme of ‘touch the future of banking’, we completed two separate annual reports in Arabic and English. The deadlines were tight, but we kept to the schedule, producing first pass financials with zero error. Various production techniques were applied to make the report eye-catching with a futuristic feel. A complete digital version of the annual report was created and attached to each in a credit card size memory card.