'Lolana' means 'fly like an eagle' in Hawaiian! This new fashion label creates bespoke around the home leisure wear and offers its services on a one-to-one private consultative basis.

Firstly, we created a brandmark of an eagle, heavily influenced by Polynesian designs that have spread over millenia across the Pacific and whose tribal patterns have, in turn, influenced Mid-Eastern fabric adornment in centuries past.

Due to the nature of Lolana's services, client discretion is a fundamental and, instead of having an open store front, a more private space was required.

We created a three dimensional display system of moveable acrylic panels, where pattern and colour can be easily re-faced to represent different seasons and fabric inspirations. This provided an environmental solution, allowing plenty of light into the store and creating a multi-dimensional aspect to the external display.


Store frontage
Store front close up
alternative view
graphics close up