The operational division of the London-based ‘International Foundation for Aids to Navigation’ (IFAN), MENAS,  has played a major role in the safety of shipping in the Arabian Gulf for over 100 years. It is currently the region’s leading innovator in the development, fabrication, supply and maintenance of Aids to Navigation. Operating from its main base in Bahrain and a support base in Abu Dhabi, MENAS owns and maintains an extensive network of buoys, lighthouses and DGPS transmitters. It also provides essential information and advice such as the issuance of Notices to Mariners, advising on hazards to shipping and co-ordinating additions to navigation charts for the Gulf. Over 2,000 vessels rely upon MENAS equipment and services each month.

We've worked with MENAS for many years. In 2005, we created launch collateral for MENAS' new, multi-million dollar, offshore support vessel, OSV Relume. We conducted various photo shoots and designed several marketing brochures and ship specification publications. We built an interactive website with virtual video tours of key areas within the ship.

More recently we are engaged with delivering updated marketing material to promote both IFAN and MENAS, creating content-managed websites, brochures, newsletters and direct mail. We undertook a new photo shoot in Rotterdam and showcase the ship and her capabilities online and across social media.